1. Goodnight workspace. See you real soon.


  2. Oh hey


  3. #truestory


  4. My illo in this weeks Mercury


  5. sneak preview close up of something…


  6. Anonymous asked: what is your drawing process usually like? do you sometimes use a tablet?

    I use a tablet for a lot of my work. I will make textures and scan them in. Then I manipulate them digitally. Sometimes I scan in an ink sketch, then edit it digitally and print it. Once it’s printed, I add to the print and then scan it back in to exist digitally.


  7. This Thursday at PSU/ with Pinball Publishing!


  8. Making a journal of Hemingway’s notes for class


  9. the back of my notebook


  10. Atelier Ace this Thursday at PSU #fogd #psugd




  13. The ampersand comes from the Latin word “et”, meaning “and”


  14. Let it be



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